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Haard Matches (1 million matchboxes)

Haard Matches (1 million matchboxes)

11 500,00€Ціна

Haard Design matches, developed specifically for the Dutch market. 
Also available in XXL size.


Minimum Order: Starting from 1 million matchboxes = 1000 Boxes.


Available in packaging:
Type 4
Amount of Packages per Box: 1000

Price per Box:  11.50€

Matches per Package: 38
Package size:

length 51,0±1mm

width 36,3±1mm

height 11,8±1mm


XXL Size
Minimum order: request a quote

Amount of Packages per Box: 432

Price per Box:  237.60€

Matches per Package: 30

Package size:

length 94,±1mm

width 43,3±1mm

height 16,3±1mm


Expected to ship within 2 weeks
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